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Taking Burn-out Head On

Posted by Robert Dorf, DO, CPE on Oct 30, 2017 1:17:26 PM
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Every year, Foundation’s Board of Governors brings together our medical community with administrative leaders to discuss our priorities, look back on our accomplishments and achievements against the prior year’s priorities, and to define new ones for the year ahead. In late 2016, this retreat focused enormous discussion on the stresses and challenges of our provider staff, managing a work-life balance and the challenges that come with practicing medicine in a difficult environment. 

With priorities refined, leadership set out to talk, one-to-one, with providers to understand their perspectives and challenges. This
was an invaluable experience that has led to a series of innovative programs and plans to help providers care for themselves, but also action steps Foundation could take to help alleviate some of the work-place related stressors. Among a few of the areas identified and resolved, include:
  • PRE-LOADING CHARTS - adding help, improving the process for provider transitions and investing in new technology to make the task more efficient. 
  • PRIOR AUTHORIZATIONS - piloting new technology that automates a portion of this process, centralizing some of the work and working with our payers to find better ways to exchange information.
  • MULTI-TASKING OF CLINICAL & CLERICAL STAFF - This is part of a bigger project-- “care team re-design” that looks to find better solutions to improve professional satisfaction among our care givers, achieve the best outcomes and deliver the best patient experience. 
  • REQUEST TO HEAR POSITIVE COMMENTS FROM PATIENTS - We have formalized a process to make sure patient comments, letters and positive reviews and makes its way back to our providers

We are always grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with our providers, hear their feedback and identify opportunities.

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