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Why a Physician Career at Foundation Medical Partners Matters

Posted by Sue DeSocio on Jun 6, 2017 4:25:32 PM
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Physician Career

In 2013, Gregory Mertz wrote an article for Physicians Practice that addressed the pros and cons of Hospital Employment vs. Private Practice. At the time, the Medical Group Management Association reported that more than 50 percent of physicians are now employed directly by a hospital(s) or by organizations affiliated with health systems. In fact, that number is even higher today.

Many physicians are finding that they prefer the security of employment with a large organization versus running a practice and managing payroll on their own. However, with that model comes a certain amount of stress and anxiety. In many cases the physicians are direct employees of the hospital, which can mean they often report directly to nonclinical, administrative staff.

This is sometimes a difficult option for physicians as they lose aspects of control over their practice. For example, are you now judged by unrealistic metrics? Can people who are not practicing physicians change your compensation and methods of practice? Are you mandated by unrealistic volume?

Like everything else in life, there are both pros and cons associated with different employment options, but at Foundation Medical Partners in Southern New Hampshire, we believe we have created an ideal environment for our physicians. Foundation Medical Partners is just that, a partnership among our physicians that provides an environment to practice clinical excellence, make sound financial decisions and have an ideal balance between your professional and personal life.

We also have a wonderful, collaborative relationship with our health system partner, the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, but we also retain the ability to make our own clinical, administrative and financial decisions.

If you are a new physician thinking about your first career move, or if you are an experienced doctor looking for that right fit, we believe you just might find it at Foundation Medical Partners. You lose nothing by reaching out, so please contact us to learn more about a physician career with us.
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